"Workshop" - Wordpress basics

Blogging is meant to be fairly simple and intuitive. But certain features and tools built into a blogging platform like Wordpress are easier to use if they've been explained. We'll spend a few minutes in class today learning about how to personalize your blog and also how to manage your posts (and others' comments).

Managing Settings

  1. changing theme
  2. updating name, slogan, profile
  3. posts vs. pages
  4. categories and tags
  5. widgets
  6. avenues for responding: comments; moderating comments; spam (trackbacks,pingbacks may not be working at present).

Blogs and RSS Feeds (pushing content)
  • Wordpress built-in "feed reader"
  • You might use other "aggregators" if you follow many blogs. I use Feedly on my phone and tablet.

You can also use a third-party tool like this one