Week 01 - Tuesday

HW: For Thursday
  1. Read Debates. The Public Course Blog: The Required Reading We Write Ourselves for the Course That Never Ends Trevor Owens and CompLit. Blogs and Blogging: Text and Practice. Amy Morrison
  2. Compose a reading response and post it to your blog (you may bring it in electronic form and we'll upload in class if you run into trouble).

Week 01 - Thursday
  • Syllabus questions ?
  • Discussion of readings:
    • What are some of the implications of "blogs" as tools and "blogging" as an activity in English classrooms? What else did you learn? What do you question? Does it remain relevant? Other comments.... Further discussion prompts on Owens and Morrison if needed.
  • Blogging Workshop (20 min)

HW: For Tuesday
Read in Digital_Humanities pp. 3-72 PDF: D_HReading Prompts:
  • Chapter 1. Reflect on what is meant by the "traditions of humanistic inquiry," as they pertain to English studies. What changes or possibilities are most intriguing and provocative to you? Are you familiar with the vocabulary of digitization: "classification," "metadata," "versioning" etc.? How is it that this computational emphasis promises to be "generative"?
  • Chapter 2.Do these emerging methods/genres appear to continue the work of English studies or transform it? Consider rereading the section on one of the