This week you'll be polishing your academic web page and learning about two historical modes of electronic literature: Hypertext and Interactive Fiction. You'll also learn to write in a user-friendly hypertext authoring environment called Twine.


Discussion of Readings


Homework: Read Shelly Jackson's My Body and Clark's 88 Constellations Post a moderate response to one or the other of these pieces in which you discuss non-linearity.


Discussion of Hypertexts

Discussion Notes (Google Doc: reactions and questions)


Twine is a moderately accessible hypertext-authoring tool. It emphasizes "web structure" over formatting. It's ease of use encourages writers to "compose" within the Twine authoring space rather than taking a conventional text and "chunking" it into separate lexia or nodes. In addition, its visual / map interface should facilitate a spatial or multi-linear imagination (in contrast to the more straightforward, linear conventions of print text.)

Help with Twine

Homework: Read Emily Short's Galatea , explore her website on reading, writing and teaching IF, and read Montfort's Riddle Machines. Finish and publish your Academic Web Page.