ENGL 757-857 Spring 2016

Digital Composition, Literature, and Pedagogy

Dr. Kenneth Sherwood
Web: Www.SherwoodWeb.Org/
Office: Sutton 347; Email: Sherwood@iup.edu
See webpage for office hours and any schedule changes. Email for personal appointments.
Meetings may also be in the Commonplace Coffeehouse or Digital Humanities Ctr., Sutton 352.

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Final projects should be submitted on paper and/or a printout with the your name and the URL of your final project.

If you presented early and wish to use the weekend to finish up, you should email me and have a paper copy in my mailbox by Monday. Work must be submitted by the end of the day Monday or you will receive an Incomplete for the semester. I will review late work only after the end of the second May term.